RC1 is the point of sale system that is included in our subscription service. RC1 combines experience and knowledge of registry operations with cutting edge web technology. This combination enables Registry Connection to offer a fully supported point of sale system specifically for Alberta registry agents that will never be obsolete. RC1 harnesses the power and speed of the Internet and is the only point of sale system of its kind offered in the registry agent market. RC1 has the ability to manage all aspects of a registry’s operations and removes all the complexities with an evolving user friendly interface.

Also included in your subscription service is RC1 systems support. If a problem occurs, our trained support team is standing by to resolve any issues with RC1 in a professional timely matter. Our support team is unique as they can also provide training for users of RC1.

At Registry Connection we recognize that our client’s time and efforts should not be focused on system maintenance issues that can be very timely and technical. Registry Connection has created RC1 to be completely maintenance free. Our data archiving and disaster recovery techniques enable maintenance processes to be automatic and seamless.
RC1 Features

Online scheduling system perfect for any Alberta Driver Examiner.
  • Email Notifications
  • Resolve Scheduling
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Publish Availability with Registries & Driving Schools
  • List your availability online:

Introducing the only web based P.O.S. software solution for Alberta Registry Agents.

The first fully supported pos software for Alberta registry agents.
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