RC1 Accessibility

Point of Sale Import
Because RC1 is designed for the registry agent market, RC1 imports the point of sale files that all government applications generate. RC1 takes the point of sale file and extracts all information pertaining to the transaction into a user friendly interface in an easy to understand format. RC1 also provides the flexibility of enabling the end user to input a transaction manually. Once the transaction is posted, RC1 removes the point of sale file that was processed and is ready for the next transaction. Because RC1 is constantly evolving, Registry Connection monitors any changes or updates to the point of sale file. Modifications to RC1 that are made to reflect the changes are automatically updated to our subscribers at no extra cost.

RC1 - A low risk long term solution
At Registry Connection, we realize the high cost and high risk solutions that were offered in the past. Unlike the other point of sale systems that have previously been available, there are no high upfront fees associated when you start your subscription with Registry Connection. The monthly fee for Registry Connection's subscription service eliminates the high risk cost and commitment that was required in the past. Also, no extra computer equipment or additional overhead cost is necessary. This eliminates the maintenance and attention required for "extras" that are a necessity with other point of sale systems offered in the market. Our clients do not have to make room for bulky, expensive, and high maintenance equipment.

RC1 Interface
The RC1 interface took over a year to develop and test. RC1 is based on a point and click model. Because of this model, each mouse click is carefully analyzed to ensure efficiency is maximized. This model was created for the end user to make RC1 as user friendly as possible. One of the major goals of the RC1 design team was to streamline all operations of a registry while hiding its complexities behind the scenes with cutting edge technologies and advanced approaches in programming and database standards.

Every login to RC1 is scrutinized by Registry Connection's security protocol. In this protocol, multiple layers of security must be passed before a successful login occurs. Registry Connection goes one step further by logging all failed and successful login attempts. Access must be granted before any connections are allowed. As a result, the security of RC1 ensures that our customers are protected. Users of RC1 can be assigned individual rights to modules in RC1 depending on their position or trust level within your organization.

Remote Access
One of RC1's unique features includes remote access to the system. This feature empowers our clients to have the ability to monitor transactions and reports without having to go to the office. Registry Connection's security protocols make monitoring safe and secure. Our clients have peace of mind wherever they may be. When remote access is granted, full access to RC1 is at your fingertips. RC1 offers the ability for our clients to enter and edit transactions from anywhere in the world.


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