Account Holders

Account Transactions
Post transactions on to your clients' account with ease. Registry Connection has developed RC1 to handle account transactions seamlessly. The complexity of account transactions has been taken out; instead the work is done behind the scenes. For added convenience, RC1 comes with an account holder look-up at the time of posting just in case you want to confirm either the company name or reference. By typing the first couple letters of the account name or reference, RC1 can confirm you are posting to the right account.

Custom Account Pricing
We realize that our subscribers may want to have the ability to give their account holders a lower service fee. RC1 is designed to have the capability to assign customized account pricing. Account holders can either use a default fee used by all account holders or have a customized fee for a specific account holder. RC1 goes beyond by providing the ability to do this on every product available.

Pending Completion Items
There are many instances when a customer pays for a transaction that must be completed at a later time. RC1 handles this situation by way of the "Pending Items" section. When a customer pays for a transaction that must be completed later, the registry clerk has the ability to place the transaction into a “Pending Completion” status. The clerk can then provide a receipt to the customer with an indication that the customer has paid and that the item is “Pending Completion”. The pending completion items are then placed in a centralized location. After the transaction is complete, another receipt can be generated. Because the transaction is now completed, the receipt will indicate the individual who completed the transaction and the date it was completed on. This seamless flow of events helps our subscribers to effectively manage these types of situations in an organized manner. Money is then recorded at the time it was received and adheres to the GAAP accounting principles.

Payment On Account
Recording payments for your account holders is simple and easy. RC1’s easy to use interface does all the work for you. Selecting the account holder in the “Account Payments” section brings up all unpaid transactions. When the payment amount is entered, RC1 automatically calculates how many items the payment can be accounted for. If there is a surplus, the remainder shows as a credit because of the over payment and can be carried forward. If the payment is not enough to cover all transactions, RC1 calculates how many transactions the payment can account for and flags the unpaid transactions to be carried forward on the account holder’s next statement.

Payment Reversal
In the past, payment reversals were tedious and complex. Registry Connection has incorporated an easy way to reverse payments on accounts in RC1. Within RC1 you can manage previous payments if you have the right security rights. By selecting the payment that you want to reverse for a particular account holder, RC1 then reverses the payment selected and re-applies the transactions as being unpaid automatically. This process is seamless and is displayed in a manner that is easy to understand.

Receivable Payment Report
The payment report is included in the subscription to the RC1 service. This report displays in detail all payments made within a selected date range. This report is also printable in PDF format and is very useful for the reconciliation of account statements. Payments found on this report can be easily managed at the click of a button. Individual receipts for each payment are also available for printing from within this report.

Account Statement
RC1 includes the displaying and printing of account statements to send to your account holders. The account statement lists all payments and transactions that have been applied to an account holder’s balance. The compilation of transactions and payments that are displayed is automatic and takes seconds to generate with a simple mouse click. Corrections can be made immediately from the statement that is displayed on the screen for easy access.

The Ticker
The ticker function is one example that RC1 goes beyond our customers’ expectations. At times there may be disputes of payments and transactions pertaining to your account holders. This may include the suspension of their account. The ticker provides a way of informing your staff that a particular account is suspended and that no services should be performed until the administrative issues are resolved. Additionally, the ticker can be used to inform your staff of current office events or other reminders and messages. The information that is displayed in the ticker can be customized through the RC1 content management system.


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