RC1 takes the reporting of transactional information to a new level. All reports are generated on the fly and take only seconds to display. All reports available are in PDF format for ease of printing. You also have the option to save the PDF report for historical purposes. Our reports come complete with graphs that give a visual representation of your registry’s daily or monthly activities. Custom reports are available and can be requested through our support team.

RC1 includes a number of reports vital to the day to day and monthly operations of your registry. Such reports include:

  • Cashout Report

  • Daily Till Details Report

  • Account Statement

  • Payment on Account Report

  • Reconciliation by Product

  • Reconciliation by Product Group

  • Transaction Modification Report

  • Deleted Transaction Report

  • Reverse Payment Report

  • Price Override Report

  • Pending Items Report

  • Customer Receipts
Track and monitor market trends for the busiest times for your registry and forecast staffing at peak hours accordingly. The Till Summary Report includes a graphical representation of the number of transactions per hour for each individual registry clerk or all transactions in the entire office. This can significantly increase productivity and your bottom line by scheduling more staff at peak hours and less staff during less busy times. Additionally, you can monitor individual clerks for productivity and compare them with your other staff.

Built into RC1 is a list of overrides that have occurred. The purpose of this section in RC1 is to inform management that changes were made to either the government fee or the service charge in each transaction. This helps to increase security within your registry to make sure that all transactions and monies are accounted for.

Event Viewer
The event viewer is a great way to track day to day events that occur within your office. The Event Viewer is listed in chronological order and logs events such as:

  • Logins

  • Attempted Logins

  • Refused Connections

  • Failed Access Attempts

  • Transaction Posting

  • Transaction Edits

  • Transaction Deletions

  • Price Overrides

  • Price Override Approvals

  • Account Payments

  • Payment Reversal

  • Pending Transactions

  • Pending Items Completion

  • Account Modification

  • Account Creation

  • Product Creation

  • Product Modification

  • User Creation

  • User Modifications

  • Registry Settings Changes

The Event Viewer is a great tool to graphically see what events happened for that day and also the time they occur.


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