RC1 - Web based Point of Sale system for Alberta Registry Agents

  • RC1 is the first product offered by Registry Connection

  • Designed specifically for the high volume Alberta Registry Agent

  • All paper output is in PDF format

  • Fast/Reliable/Secure

  • No Hardware necessary

  • Support/Training included

RC1 - Top Ten Advantages

  1. Event Viewer
    The event viewer logs all user activity in an electronic footprint.

  2. Permission Management

  3. All permissions are customizable for each individual user instead of groups.

  4. Customized Account Statement/Receipt

  5. Use your own company logo on your invoices and receipts as well as customizable messages to account holders.

  6. Account Payment

  7. Track what account payment paid for which transaction.
    Eliminates manual paperwork in the event of discrepancies.

  8. Custom Account Pricing

  9. Every product can have a default account price or a customized set of prices specialized for high volume account holders.

  10. Automatic Product Creation

  11. RC1 will learn any new products that are not in the database via the P.O.S. file.

  12. Email Notification
    Stay in touch, email notification can inform owners and management of special events such as downloading company data, new product creation, and new user creation.

  13. Track Marketing Campaigns & Chart trends
    RC1 has the tools for you to track marketing campaigns and also chart trends of each sector that your registry is in.
    The Product Reconciliation report can be used to track any coupons or discounts.

  14. Electronic Cash-out
    Makes balancing easier for the end user.
    Helps accountants adjust for discrepancies more accurately.
    Automatically generate daily bank deposit slip.

  15. Evolution program
    The evolution program is our mandate to adapt and exceed the needs of the Alberta Registry Agent.

  16. More Information & Screen Shots

    The staff at Registry Connection is qualified and trained in the use of RC1 and can help resolve any technical or operational issues that our clients may have. The RC1 support team is also responsible for backing up and archiving your data every day. We even offer online one on one training for new and existing users. Best of all, access to support is included in the monthly RC1 subscription fee.
    The RC1 interface is designed for simplicity. All processes are taken care of for you behind the scenes. RC1's easy to use point and click interface only requires an Internet connection. The Internet enables Registry Connection to provide remote access to our clients in a secure manner.

    RC1 comes with a complete set of reports that are vital to the day to day operations of a registry. All reports are recalled quickly on the screen. You can edit transactions that are in the report with a click of the mouse. Graphs and charts are included to track daily hourly transactions. All reports RC1 includes are printable in PDF format. System events such as posting, editing and deleting transaction lines are all recorded and organized in a time line type display.
    RC1 is the answer to handling company account holders. Registry Connection has taken the complexity out of account management and replaced it with a seamless user friendly interface. RC1 has the ability to incorporate customized account pricing for high volume account holders. RC1 goes one step further by abolishing "$corp" and replacing it with a pending completions section. A set of reports have been developed specifically for account holders and is also printable in PDF format.

    RC1 is a system that evolves with the growth of your business. RC1 is constantly evolving because we take the feedback of our clients very seriously. We incorporate our clients' ideas and requests in upcoming versions of RC1. We also monitor for any industry changes that occur as government based applications change over time. Best of all, your subscription includes all upgrades and updates that are available automatically. All subscribers benefit from this unique approach. Once an upgrade is complete, the cycle starts again. RC1 is constantly evolving and will never be obsolete.

Online scheduling system perfect for any Alberta Driver Examiner.
  • Email Notifications
  • Resolve Scheduling
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Publish Availability with Registries & Driving Schools
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Introducing the only web based P.O.S. software solution for Alberta Registry Agents.

The first fully supported pos software for Alberta registry agents.
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