RC3 is a new product from Registry Connection and was specifically designed for the Alberta Driver Examiner.

RC3 is a web based system where Driver Examiners can broadcast their availability in a user friendly web interface. Registry agent clerks from multiple registries, as well as driving schools can then schedule road tests on behalf of the Driver Examiner(s). RC3 was designed to open the lines of communication to all those who are involved in the road testing process in Alberta.
Publish Your Availability Online
Alberta Driver Examiners can now broadcast their availability to www.AlbertaDriverExaminer.ca. This enables the public to reserve and pay for their road test online. This saves the student from having to make two trips to the registry, and creates new online opportunities never seen before in Alberta, for Driver Examiners and their students.
Broadcast Availability to Registries and Driving Schools
RC3 enables any driving school to have direct access to driver examiner availability in real time. Designed as a two part system, a driving school books a tentative reservation. The student then completes the reservation by "checking in" and purchasing a test permit at the Registry. The Registry Agent clerk simply scans the barcode included on the confirmation, and the student is ready to begin their road exam.
Automatic Email Notification
Once an appointment is scheduled by a registry agent clerk, an email notification and/or alert to the Drivers Examiners mobile device will be sent by RC3. Email notification, confirmation, and any special instructions that a Driver Examiner wishes to include can also be sent from RC3 automatically to the student. This increases the communication between registry, driver examiner and the individual being tested.
Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts
RC3 can help eliminate scheduling conflicts between multiple registries by providing real time availability and can even indicate a booking in progress via RC3ís unique online scheduling tool.
Built-in Invoicing System
RC3 also includes a billing system in which RC3 can generate an account statement so that the driver examiner can easily do the billing for whatever date range is selected. All account statements are in PDF format and can be saved, emailed or kept for historical purposes.
Mobile Device Access
Have a mobile device like an iPhone or Blackberry? RC3 is also mobile device accessible. As a Drivers Examiner, you can now check any new appointments and review schedules through your mobile device. This increased accessibly will help you plan your day by providing real time scheduling and booking information.

Get organized the paperless way by subscribing to RC3 now. For a full demonstration or if you have any questions please contact us by emailing sales@registryconnection.ca

Online scheduling system perfect for any Alberta Driver Examiner.
  • Email Notifications
  • Resolve Scheduling
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Publish Availability with Registries & Driving Schools
  • List your availability online:

Introducing the only web based P.O.S. software solution for Alberta Registry Agents.

The first fully supported pos software for Alberta registry agents.
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