RC1 Subscription Services
RC1 is the point of sale system offered by Registry Connection. RC1 is a web based application that incorporates the latest secure web technologies and registry industry experience. RC1 is an application specifically designed for the registry agent market. The use of RC1 is available through a monthly subscription to Registry Connection. The participation to the RC1 subscription service includes the use of the RC1 application, automatic updates, and also support. Our support team can help resolve any issues or questions that may arise with the use of RC1. Our support team also offers training in the use of RC1.
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RC3 - Alberta Driver Examiner Suite
RC3 is the latest product offered by Registry Connection. Designed specifically for the Alberta Driver Examiner, RC3 is an online real time scheduling suite that includes rich features such as:
  • A centralized place for Driver Examiners to indicate their ability
  • Real time booking and scheduling tools accessible from multiple registries simultaneously
  • An invoicing system that includes multiple reports in PDF format
  • Mobile device access/notifications
  • Flawless RC1 integration
  • Email notifications
  • Invoice management
  • Many other advantages
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Computer Network Support Services
Registry Connection offers computer network support. We recognize that downtime for a registry means the loss of business. We realize that registry agent computer networks are unlike conventional networks and require specialization.

At Registry Connection, we have the expertise to handle any computer network problem your registry may face. We are aware of all government requirements and procedures with regards to registry agent computer networks. A monthly fee enables subscribers to the Computer Networks Support service to contact our toll free support line. From there, our support team can further analyze and troubleshoot the problem. This speeds up the diagnosis of the problem to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. A technician may also be dispatched to your location in the event that the problem requires manual configuration or installation. This service is also included in the monthly fee.

Our goal is to create the peace of mind that you deserve so that if anything goes wrong, reliable professional help is a phone call away. Some services that Registry Connection Computer Network Support services include are:

  • Unlimited network support calls
  • New hardware/software installations
  • New workstation installation and configuration
  • Server configuration/management
  • Workstation repair and maintenance
  • Technician dispatch
  • Hardware recommendations
  • Data management/backup

Online scheduling system perfect for any Alberta Driver Examiner.
  • Email Notifications
  • Resolve Scheduling
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Publish Availability with Registries & Driving Schools
  • List your availability online:

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