Registry Connection Inc. is dedicated to offering authorized Alberta Registry Agents the support and peace of mind they deserve. Our unique approach allows our customers to participate in a monthly subscription service; included in this subscription is complete access to an online point of sale system (RC1), systems support, hosting, and monitoring. Because our approach is subscription based, it guarantees that RC1 will never be obsolete and enables Registry Connection Inc. the means to provide a low risk, long term registry agent software solution to its participants.

Another unique aspect of our subscription service is our support team. Unlike other point of sale systems offered in the past, RC1 is a fully supported software solution. Our committed team can help resolve any technical issues that may arise with RC1 as well as provide training in the use of software.

Recognizing that the workstation configuration, networks, and software used by registry agents differ from conventional computers and networks, Registry Connection Inc. offers another service that has been specialized for the needs of Alberta Registry Agents. Should a problem arise with hardware or networking, our team is standing by to promptly aid you in the resolution of any technical issues. This service is also offered as a monthly subscription in addition to the RC1 subscription.

Registry Connection Inc. is one of the only companies in the registry agent market that offer both Alberta registry agent software as well as hardware/network support simultaneously.

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Introducing the only web based P.O.S. software solution for Alberta Registry Agents.

The first fully supported pos software for Alberta registry agents.
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